Bundle Builder For WooCommerce

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Bundle Builder For WooCommerce allows you users to mix and match the products for custom gift boxes. By preferences you can add bundle products.
Whatever, the customers want the extension gives you feasibility for selecting the custom groupings. However, you can easily add product items in the cart in a bulk. You can view product items in a popup screen. With popup screens customers can also reset the group of product items. For instance, you can increase or decrease product items plus and minus signs.
Bundle Builder contains templates with display options by various options. Therefore, you can set the minimum product items for bundle.

Key Features Of Bundle Builder

  • It allows customers to create product bundles, or gift boxes
  • Multiple bundle layouts
  • Allows users for product bundles in steps
  • However, you can define the min and max products to add in product bundle
  • Supports bundle set as required, optional, or mix of both
  • Scroll up option enable or disable when you add product to the box
  • Check or uncheck the option to enable or disable the functionality of the Bundle Builder
  • However, users can add custom text for product box title

Bundle Builder for WooCommerce Customer Options

There are few steps for Bundle Builder interface.

  • Assign price name
  • Allows you to select the type of pricing such as, fixed, regular, or varies with add-ons
  • However, there is also option to select the coloums layout
  • You van select the option for pricing display at right side, left side or below the products
  • Select the items number per page

Bundle Builder Box Settings

The product page allows you to add multiple boxes for product bundles to add custom titles and add minimum products to the boxes. However, you can also add box description and categories.

Front-end view pre-designed layouts

Bundle layout option—pricing on the left side

Bundle layout option—pricing on the right side

Bundle layout—pricing at the bottom