If you’re looking for an extension which enables your customers to buy a bunch of product items within a few seconds, or bump offers before and after checkout. Sales Booster For WooCommerce gives you three proven techniques to build trust for customer engagement. Customers can add the bundle of products in the cart within a […]

WooCommerce • July 28, 2021

Request Your Price

If you are looking for a plugin which allows you to nagotiate with merchants about product prices for bulk purchase. Request Your Price for WooCommerce give a way to the customers where they can negotiate admin about specific product prices. Customers can send message to the store owner and get respond about their desired prices […]

By-default WooCommerce doesn’t support Up-Sells and Cross-Sells work at variation level. In this extension we have introduced Up-Sells and Cross-Sells to work on variation functionality. Research has also shown up to 30% sale increase by Up-sells and Cross-sells. The extension supports for adding products individually where you can promote different products for different variations. What […]

Bundle Builder For WooCommerce allows you users to mix and match the products for custom gift boxes. By preferences you can add bundle products.Whatever, the customers want the extension gives you feasibility for selecting the custom groupings. However, you can easily add product items in the cart in a bulk. You can view product items […]

WooCommerce • November 7, 2020

Smart Bulk Variations

If you are looking for multiple pre-designed layouts for single and variations of the variable products. For instance, Smart Bulk Variations for WooCommerce provides you different layout options for product variations.However, you can view your product variations as table view, grid view, list view, and an attribute view. Therefore, you can increase your sales by […]

Availability Scheduler For WooCommerce allows your schedule your product availability by date and time. Availability Scheduler For WooCommerce is beneficial for online store owners who want to sell their products by the schedule for a specific time. Suppose you want to show your product availability scheduler for a particular date and time. However the extension […]

Storewide Sale for Woocommerce is a perfect marketing tool for special occasions. Those occasions might include independence, Black Friday, or some other special festivals. You can set storewide sale as, percentage or fixed with start and end sale date. Adding a sale price for each product item is time-consuming. This extension allows you to sell […]

WooCommerce • September 21, 2020

Smart Product Quantity

There are lots of product items available for sale at very low prices. When you provide a good user experience to your customers, you might become the most suitable choice. That is why our plugin Smart Product Quantity offers you a product selection solution by minimum and maximum quantity with the decimal value.   The extension allows you […]

Customers are more familiar with the concept of a shopping cart. Cart To Quote for WooCommerce developed to help the user request quotations about products in their shopping cart. This article will provide you with a complete guideline for filling and submitting a quotation form to request a quote. Why Choose Cart To Quote It […]

For user’s convenience, you might want to offer them an autocomplete address field option. This complete guide will tell you that you wanted to know how to set up Google address autocomplete for WooCommerce. In other words, you will get to know different autocomplete address field options for different countries based, including auto-fill, Address, Country, […]