Sales Booster For WooCommerce

If you’re looking for an extension which enables your customers to buy a bunch of product items within a few seconds, or bump offers before and after checkout. Sales Booster For WooCommerce gives you three proven techniques to build trust for customer engagement. Customers can add the bundle of products in the cart within a single click. When the conditions are met customers will get a discount offer for the specific items. After the frequently bought together products offer, you can add a discount Bump offer item for customers on the checkout page. However, you can also give a discount Bump offer after the checkout. When the customer places an order he will be able to see a discount offer for the specific products in the popup window.

When a customer visits the product page and displays recommendations for a bundle of products. With a Sales Booster, store owners can easily boost site traffic, which results in increasing sales.

What are the key benefits of sales booster?

Products frequently Bought Together

Frequently Bought Together arranges the bunch of product items bought together within seconds. Users in a single click add multiple products, increasing their engagement that results in increasing sales and revenue. Customers can frequently add selected or all bought products altogether to their cart.

How Frequently Bought Together works?

After you create the special offers with one or more items, customers can see them on the single product page. Customers can see individual prices for each item, the total price for all items, and discounted amount for bought together.

products freqeuntly bought together

Order Bump Offer Before Checkout

At the online store, have you ever analyzed the buying experience of your customers?
Do you want more sales from your store?
It is a product-based one time offer for customers at the checkout page. Bump Offer on Checkout allows merchants to make an exclusive special offer on their checkout page. Your customers will become happy, and satisfied with the special deal offer.

order bump offer before checkout

Order Bump Offer After Checkout

When you select specific products for Bump offer after checkout, customers can see the product in the popup window when placing an order. When you accept the offer it will automatically be added in the cart subtotal.

order bump offer after checkout image

Where to get the plugin

Then extension is developed with features including Frequently Bought Together, Order Bump Offer before checkout, and after checkout. If you’re interested about this plugin you can get Sales Booster For WooCommerce from here: Buy Now
– Find the installation guide here: Sales Booster documentation

Get Benefits:

⦁ In-depth marketing data.
⦁ In-depth product documentation.
⦁ Expert technical support.
⦁ 30-day money-back guarantee.