Documentation Of Cart To Quote For WooCommerce

Cart to quote allow the customers to add to cart the products as usual and does not add any restrictions on cart functionality but instead of proceeding directly to checkout and making a purchase, they have the option to request a quote for the items in their cart. Cart to quote allow the customers to ask the queries about cart products using quotation form. Cart to quote comes with a form with a dynamic fields.Cart to quote is also compatible with WooCommerce cart block page. Below are the option of the plugin in details.

User’s Settings

  • Enable Cart to Quote: This option allow to enable plugin functionality.
  • Hide Price: Enable this option to hide store prices.
  • Hide Price Text: Add text instead of price when the price is hidden.
  • Add to Cart Button Text: All strings of our plugin are localized and the text are dynamic. Here add to cart button text can be updated.
  • Form Position: Cart to quote form can be placed in 4 different positions of the cart page. These are mentioned below.
    1. After cart table, 2. Cart Callaterals, 3. Before cart totals, 4. After cart totals.
  • Clear Cart After Quote Submission?: This option will flush the cart when the quotation form is submitted.
  • Hide checkout button: This option will remove the checkout button and restrict t checkout the cart items.
  • Redirect After Submission URL: Enter the URL where you want to redirect the customers after the form is submitted, leave empty if not required.
  • Cart To Quote Form Title: Add cart to quote form title.
  • Cart To Quote Form Description: Add cart to quote form description.

Guest Users

All the settings are the same as above but these settings are used only for the guest users. Guest users are those who are log logged in to the store.

Notification Settings

  • Mail Subject: Add the email subject here.
  • Enable Mail Notification For Admin: Enable this option to send a mail to the admin when quotation form is submitted or quote is requested.
  • Admin Email(s): Add admin email to receive the notifications, multiple email addresses cab be used comma (,) separated.

Email Template Settings

Cart to quote comes with a very fancy and customizable email template.

  • Template Logo: Upload/ remove the template logo.
  • Email From Name: This name will appear in the email headers.
  • From Email: From email specify who emailed but the email should be Other emails like will not be sent.

  • Colors: Below some of the color options for the header background, header text, footer background, footer text etc.
  • Hide Thumbnail: Hide products thumbnail in the email template.
  • Hide SKU: Hide product SKU in the email template.
  • Email Template Header Text: Design the email header. It allow the custom HTML also.
  • Email Template Footer Text: Design the email footer. It allow the custom HTML also.

Shop Page

All the items has a changed label of add to quote instead of add to cart. Also prices are hidden and some dynamic text is displayed.

Product Single Page

Cart Page

We are displaying our quotation form in WooCommerce block cart.

Form Fields

Cart to quote form fields are dynamic and they can be add/removed. Some of them are listed below.

Single Form Field

  • Form Field Type: Setup the form field type. It support 9 types of fields. Below is the list of them. Text, Number, Email, Textarea, Password, Hidden, Date, Tel, Select, Radio, Checkbox.
  • Field Label: Add field label.
  • Field Required?: Make the field required.
  • Field Size: Make the field in full width or half. If set as half form will display 2 fields in a row.
  • Field Description: Add field description.
  • Field Options: Add field options. This option only appear for radio, checkbox and select field types.
  • Field Priority: Add field priority to order them in the form properly.

Submitted Quote

Quote consist of cart content along with submitted quote form data.