Documentation Of Save & Share Cart For WooCommerce

WooCommerce Save and share cart boost your business by save you cart for later use for customers and share with other using social media platforms. Its very comprehensive and feature rich plugin and support numerous options.

General Settings

  • Enable Module: This option will enable the save and share cart functionality.
  • Redirect Share Cart: Specify the page cart or checkout for redirection when some one want to retrieve saved cart by the link.
  • Enable: Enable checkout and mini cart option are used to add save and share cart buttons for checkout and mini cart. Mini cart for some themes is not compatible because They override the WooCommerce hooks and filters.

Quotation Settings

  • Module Functionality: This option enable quotation form when someone click on share cart button and override the social media icons. Before using the quotation, quotation form fields should be added from the “All Form Fields” menu.
  • Enable Mail Notification For Admin: Enable this option to send a mail to the admin when quotation form is submitted or quote is requested.
  • Admin Email(s): Add admin email to receive the notifications, multiple email addresses cab be used comma (,) separated.

Disable Multiple Carts

  • Disable Multiple Cart Links: Enable this option to disable the multiple cart links allowing logged in customers to edit the same cart link & share or create new cart links with name.
  • Disable Multi Cart Popup Buttons: There are 3 buttons for cart or checkout pages. “Share Cart” this button share the current cart using social media platforms, send cart through email or copy the saved cart link. “Save Cart” this button just save the current cart with customize title. Inside the save cart popup there are two button called “Continue” it will save the cart and open the another popup to share the cart with social media. Another button is “Save” this button will save the cart with the title but it will just appear the text that the cart has been saved so the cart can be saved as many time as needed.
  • Cart Version Column: Enable this option to show cart version column in my account page if multi cart links option is enabled.
  • Enable Replace Button: Enable this option to show replace button. This button appears when someone retrieve the cart using URL, so if someone make the changes in the cart the replace button will update the saved cart with the current changes.
  • Flush Cart On Save: Enable this option to flush the cart when someone save the cart.
  • Flush Cart On Replace: Enable this option to flush cart on replace.

Popup Settings

By default Share Cart popup display all possible social media icons, print cart and copy link options, but they can be disabled using these settings.

Display Settings

Save and share cart popup can be customize using several color combinations. Below are some of the color options. Also specify the opacity of the popup outer area.

Popup Messages

  • On Successfully Copy Cart Link Text: This text will appear when someone copy the link from the popup. Add {cart_url} to show cart URL after successful copy.
  • Text After Email Sent: Show text after the mail is sent in the popup.


All strings belongs to save and share cart are localized and dynamic. From the Labels menu all labels options available.

Email Template

Share cart comes with a very fancy and customizable email template.

  • Template Logo: Upload/ remove the template logo.
  • Email From Name: This name will appear in the email headers.
  • From Email: From email specify who emailed but the email should be Other emails like will not be sent.
  • Email Subject: Set the email subject here.
  • Colors: Below some of the color options for the header background, header text, footer background, footer text etc.
  • Retrieve Cart Button Text: Add retrieve cart button text which will appear in the email.
  • Email Template Header Text: Design the email header. It allow the custom HTML also.
  • Email Template Footer Text: Design the email footer. It allow the custom HTML also.

Quick Help

: Add {cart_url} in “On Successfully Copy Cart Link Text”, “Email Template” and “Content After Cart” editors to show url that will be used to retrieve your saved cart.

: Add {subject} in Email Subject of Email settings to set email subject given on front end popup.

Print Cart Options

  • Use PrintThis Library: Enable this option to use jQuery printThis library.
  • Content Before Cart: Add content before cart in the print.
  • Content After Cart: Add content after cart in the print. Add {cart_url} to display URL of cart retrieval.
  • Custom CSS For Print Cart: Add custom CSS to style the print page.

Cron Jobs Options

  • Enable: Enable to delete old shared cart links.
  • Deletion Time Duration: Set duration to delete older cart links. Duration are Days, Weeks, Months.
  • Duration Value: Set value to delete older cart links. If the value is 2 it means 2 days if above option is selected as days.

Saved Cart

List of all saved carts by the customers.

Single Saved Cart

We save the carts in custom post. It contain the retrieve cart button, displaying the cart URL and the saved cart content. Also we displayed the modification log which identify the changes date in the current cart.

Form Fields

As discussed above if the quotation form is enabled the share cart popup will display the quotation form instead of social media icons. The quotation form fields are dynamic and here is the list of them.

Single Form Field

  • Form Field Type: Setup the form field type. It support 9 types of fields. Below is the list of them
    Text, Number, Email, Textarea, Password, Hidden, Date, Tel, Select, Radio, Checkbox.
  • Field Label: Add field label.
  • Field Required?: Make the field required.
  • Field Size: Make the field in full width or half. If set as half form will display 2 fields in a row.
  • Field Description: Add field description.
  • Field Options: Add field options. This option only appear for radio, checkbox and select field types.
  • Field Priority: Add field priority to order them in the form properly.

Share, Save and Replace cart button in cart page

Share, Save and Replace cart button in checkout page

Save Cart Popup

Share Cart Popup

Email form in Share Cart Popup

Quotation Form instead of share cart if enabled

Saved Carts

Below is the list of saved carts of the current user in my account page. We added a new endpoint to my account tabs and displayed all saved carts of the customers with the information. Here is a column named “Cart Version” this identify the cart version, if someone retrieve the cart using URL and modify the cart and replace it the version will be changed. Also the cart can be deleted and retrieve here.